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Elite Integrated Pilates

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body."
- Joseph Pilates

Why Elite Integrated Pilates?

We cater to individual needs and desires as they are expressed and that are discovered throughout the process of changing and evolving the mind/body. The instructor/client relationship is reciprocal. Without your investment into the work, stagnancy remains. We teach to empower you.

Our client list includes a vast range of professional and aspiring dancers and athletes, professional musicians, actors and actresses, business professionals and fitness/well being enthusiasts.

Maintaining a safe space held with discretion is our utmost priority.

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Janell exudes positive energy along with precision in the way she sees the body and how it functions... I encourage anyone wanting to enhance their daily lives with wellness to have sessions with her.
Elise Ann Moore

...her approach to Pilates and style of teaching has changed my life... Through Janell's mastery and understanding, wonderful teaching style and energy, and unique way of instruction, I am learning to truly inhabit and celebrate my whole body and mind...
Molly Stewart


Janell's workouts are physically and mentally challenging; they are transforming my body and how I operate it. Training with Janell is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.
Maria Seip

Meet Your Instructor - Janell Riedl

Janell came to discover pilates while studying music, theatre and dance at the University of Oregon. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, relocated to Chicago and then Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.

After spending several years recording and performing, she returned to the Eugene area, and trained in pilates at Midtown Pilates Center privately.

Realizing the benefits and wanting to help others make discoveries within, she decided to obtain certification through the Stott Pilates training facility adding specialty tracks of Athletic Performance and Golf Conditioning in Portland, Oregon and began teaching at Midtown in 2008.

Since then she has invested in expanding her knowledge studying in studios across the United States including Boston, Chicago, New York, Austin and Los Angeles as well as privately mentored with Mary Bowen (first generation Pilates Elder) in Northampton, MA.

Diving deeper into the work and personally feeling the inter-connectivity of the mind-body-spirit she felt it necessary to immerse herself in a deep expansive self study. Guided privately as well as completing the entire multi-year mentoring program of Intuitive Consultant/Shamanic Healer, Elise Ann Moore, she has found the depths as to which all existence, seen and unseen, is interwoven and uses this connection to help clients facilitate extraordinary changes. She is also certified in Skogg Kettlebell Systems.

Through this persistent and ongoing desire of education and expansion she has formulated the space she works in now, which is a very intuitive approach to teaching Pilates. With a distinct attention to detail she specializes in athletes who want to fine-tune their performance as well as injury rehabilitation and whole body, mind, and spirit integration.

She has vast experience and knowledge with holistic/homeopathic/energy healing, oracle card reading, juicing, fasting and cleansing, meditation, mentoring, coaching, and nutrition therapy.

Janell loves to travel, is continuing her career in music, all while enjoying an active lifestyle that includes pilates, dance, hiking, cycling, cross training and yoga.


Is Pilates Right for You?

Pilates is for EVERYBODY. With 500 to 600 exercises in the repertoire created by Joseph Pilates himself, anyone can benefit from devoting an investment into the work. The true basis of pilates lies in evolving the integration of the following principles:

- Breath
- Concentration
- Centering
- Control
- Precision
- Flow

Through the study and commitment to these principles and adding in more modern anatomical and bio-mechanical thinking we are able to exponentially grow into and beyond our greatest health.


Elite Integrated Pilates
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